3 Days To Go

Until our Due date that is.

Right now she is pushing so hard up against my belly and pelvis that I feel like she could get here any second. I’m waiting on pins and needles for that big “gush” to come and signal the beginning of a journey that lands us into a new world. It’s such a weird feeling. Excited to meet her, see what she looks like, hear her first cry, have a new change in life with a new direction. Yet on the opposite end I think, “My mommy isn’ there yet. She can’t come until my mommy get’s here!” I’m reminded of the car seat…that is still in our trunk, and the bag that still needs to be finalized, and the fact that I’m just plum not ready to stop feeling these little kicks and jabs from the inside though I know it’ll be so much more precious on the outside.

So in honor of this time of mystery and anticipation I shall show you some pictures of her little room. She is going to be sleeping in our for a while until we figure out a different system with noise control and all that being in a one bedroom and all.

Anyways. Enjoy.

A basic overview.

From the other side…No name for you to see yet ;-)

Her changing table area. We are also putting a great verse on the white ones, but we haven’t been able to stencil it on yet.

My glider and a beautiful quilt with some delicious/clearanced pillows. Great buys!

Her little 0-3 month dress that I got as a good visualizer for labor.

Cute? Yes. Yes, they are.

A pompom mobile that I made! I’m pretty proud of it.

And a delicious little dress my dear friend gave us for her to look marvelous in.

I’m pretty excited about it all. It’s finally coming together.

I hope you liked!


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