How We Met

Lys had heard about Naph through some friends of hers that were back in Ecuador while she was doing her first semester of Senior year in the states. She had found out that he was dating a friend of hers and they had all good things to say about him.

When they finally were able to meet face to face it was on the staircase between the first and second floor of the MC dorm in Quito, Ecuador. Lys had just come back to finish up her second semester and graduate with her class and Naphtali was finishing up his required credits in order to graduate after doing several years of homeschooling. Lys had just been in the states where people only shook hands when introduced, and Naph was used to the Latin way of introducing oneself, with a kiss on the cheek. Needless to say, it was a bit awkward but finally he kissed her on the cheek.

They quickly connected mostly through our fantastically sarcastic remarks and strong views. We bonded to point of being best friends, and a few months before graduation we spontaneously told each other about our feelings. We started dating and the rest is history... a really long history!

The Engagement Story

The night of January 18th, 2008, my roommate had convinced me to go to a play with her the next day at the Fox Theatre in downtown St. Louis. She said it was a chance for us to get all dressed up. Now of course I had no idea was about to happen considering that Naphtali wasn’t supposed to be getting back for another two days from Christmas vacation with his family in Chile.

We drove in to the city and arrived at the Millennium Hotel. I was just thinking we were parking or something because I'd never been to the Fox before. Suddenly Laura tells me to look out my window and who do I see but Mr. Naphtali Marshall in a handsome suit, and leather jacket holding roses and a leather bound book. I froze. I thought "What is he doing here?" and then "Oh my word, he's going to propose to me today!" and "Laura got dressed up for nothing!" (She is so my best friend!)

So I got out of the car after a few deep breathes and clarifying thoughts. Naphtali took my hands and gave me warmers and told me that he wasn't expecting us to get there on time so we were going to have to wait for the next part for a few minutes. This gave me a chance to ask him a thousand questions! I wanted to know how he got there, who all was in on it (which happened to be A LOT of people) and other details. I kept telling myself "Don't ask him if he's going to propose, just don't ask, just live in the moment!"

Finally he told me the next part has arrived and I turn around to see a horse drawn carriage. PERFECT! We got in and he gave me the leather bound book. He said that the material inside was "time sensitive" and that we wouldn't get a chance to go through every piece. This book is amazing. I opened it up and it has a heart that I had drawn for him a few years ago during a boring class. It says "Naphtali Alan Marshall loves Alyssa Alene Fowler forever and ever amen". He had found that heart and used it as the theme throughout the whole entire book.

The book went through the past four years of our dating and upon reaching 2008 titled, "The Wedding Year" he had me stop reading and had us take in the beauty of downtown St. Louis. We finally stopped in the carriage right at the top of a park that looks down to the State building and then the Arch right behind that. It was picture perfect!

He turned the page and it said "so I have a question for you..." then he pulled the box out of his jacket and asked me to marry him. I was so elated and then I was breathless when I saw the ring. I finally said yes and could not believe how easy it was! We kissed and kept riding around in the carriage until we ended back where we started, at the Millennium Hotel.

We went in the elevator to the top of the building. The last floor is actually a revolving restaurant called "The Riverfront"; it turns in a circular motion so you can see the whole skyline. It's amazing! We had an exquisite dinner and then were given free cheesecake. Our waiter took a few pictures for us and we just talked and caught up and gazed at each other...or at my ring!

Finally we left and Naph realized he had left his cell phone at the Larsen's house. We had to drive back there and get it which was wonderful because they were able to celebrate with us. Rebecca was so excited, she was screaming and hugging and it was wonderful. They told us that they told their small group about us that night and had all prayed for us and then us four prayed together with their girls all around us. It was great.

We left their place and started heading back to Greenville. We talked to both our families and some close friends and finally arrived. Naph let me in my apartment first so I could get the full view. I thought that all our friends were going to be waiting for us and have a party but instead I was pleasantly surprised (no offense friends). Laura had spent the rest of her evening purchasing candles, strawberries, almond rock and finding a movie so that Naph and I could have a romantic evening to ourselves. I walked in to find lots of roses, lit candles, The Notebook queued and a love song mix playing. He even had some Chilean wine that was divine.

The rest of the night was spent kissing, talking and watching a movie until Laura got back. It was the perfect night and he did such an amazing job.

I know girls, eat your hearts out and guys the bar is set pretty high now!

The Here & Now

I'm a blonde haired blue eyed white girl who: was born in Maine, grew up in Ecuador, married a brown haired, dreamy eyed, mulatto (Cuban-American) that was born in Lima, Peru and grew up in Santiago, Chile.

We speak the Spanish and we love it. It helps when we want to discuss something but don't want everyone to know. It worked better before we moved to Chicago, now you never know who can understand you. I work part time, for EDAN Concerts, a company that runs and promotes Christian Festivals in the greater Chicagoland area. I was also just hired by Starbucks in the Manager in Training program!

Naph is the front man for the band Photoside Cafe (That's hyperlinked so that means you have to go listen to him or else we can't be friends). He also has his own design company, Collective Front (yup..that's hyperlinked too. Same rules apply buddy.)

We both try and live lives that reflect where we've been and how grace has transformed us into who we are and who we desire to become. In the inconsistencies that are life, we've created this site to bring you along side our reality and share with us in our journey. Thanks for visiting!

Marshall-isms & Likes

Our "isms" are constantly changing and evolving. We'll be updating this page as often as possible.

Marshall-isms's = weird quirky things we say
Missy= what he calls her
Mister = what she calls him
For Realz = what she says when she's trying to convey a serious matter
Girl Get it = do whatcha gotta do sistafren!
Sistafren = a friend that is like a sister
SOMEone = when, for example, she sees the lid up and mentions to no one in particular (ahem, the preverbal him in the room) that "someone" forgot to put the lid back down.
My peeps = my people whom I love

*Lys recognizes that some of these are not particularly "white people talk" but she can't help it. She's a mixture of latina, african american and a jive turkey, she just looks white.

Things we like:
- Sushi- yes we eat the raw fish
- Sometimes I like to put the word "the" in the wrong places on sentences ( see description on Sushi)
- Starbucks and their mugs (City Mugs)
- Strong coffee
- GYFM (
- Brian Regan
- Jim Gaffigan
- Arrested Development
- Traveling
- Chile, Ecuador, South America.
- Soccer (Futbol)
- Laughing
- Eating/Cooking (just, food in general)
- Photography
- Good, intelligent design