First Father’s Day Ever = Obviously Some Ridiculous Memories Made

Quite obviously this was my sweet Hubz first ever Father’s Day. So we decided to sort of make it a whole weekend affair. He works so hard for us and has been incredibly overwhelmed these past few weeks getting his gigs for the summer lined up while also working full time and hiring on some new designers. Not to mention our big move and all that that requires for such a creative guy like him. We don’t just move into a place and throw things up on the walls. No, no. We think strategically through everything, make sure it’ll really look good in that particular new home and then make the commitment of screwing in or hammering a nail. This is why our house looks nice, not me but him.

So we decided to start off the weekend by a Beach Trip. It would be the first, laying out on the beach, beach day that Amelie has had. Well, she didn’t lie out per say but you get my meaning. Anyways it was a total fail. And a fantastic memory.

We happened to choose the windiest day in the mid west. That isn’t fact, but it’s how it felt. We brought a big white sheet, snacks, magazines, an umbrella for baby and her stroller and car seat.

Hint: On a super windy day, on a beach with legit sand, don’t ever, ever, ever, EVER, take your child’s car seat.

By the time we arrived at our staked out spot Amelie already had sand in her eyes, up her nose, in the deep folds of the car seat and her fingers. And all this from us “protecting her.” That sand just wanted to take her hostage and nothing we could do would stop it. I had also not yet put sunscreen on her.

Hint: When taking a new baby to the beach try putting the sunscreen on her cute little body before you even leave the parking lot. Better yet, before you even leave the house. Then you won’t have a mountain of sand to dig your daughter out of before applying said protection.

So I got the sunscreen on her finally. Along with exfoliating her skin with thousands of pieces of sand. Then she got antsy. And the 73 degree, cloudy day, turned into a 90 degree super sunny day. So I went and took a dip to get all my sand off while her sweet pops held her, came back and we ditched that Popsicle stand.

We lasted an hour.

I didn’t crack a single magazine. And I had two chosen to read that are already several months old. Sad face.

(the single picture I got at the beach before giving up)

So we went home, baby and I took our first ever shower together. She wasn’t quite sure what to do with water spraying right on her but it was cute. Then we just chilled out. She was so plum tuckered that she slept for a good three hours. Naph and I watched a couple episodes of Arrested Development and fell asleep. We were going to meet up with some friends at a food festival downtown but they were going to late and Amelie already had enough excitement that being out way past her normal bedtime wouldn’t have been a great idea.

I decided to clean up a bit, feel a bit more normal, so I grabbed her car seat to clean out all the sand and was blown away by the entire beach worth of sand I brought back in her car seat. So I took everything outside onto our porch and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. I also found some leftover food from the previous owner of this car seat hidden all the way under the cushions. So I stripped the whole gizmo and threw all the fabric in the washer.

Then Hubs said since we weren’t going out maybe we could just do our own delicious dinner and then hit up Whole Foods for some of their amazing Tres Leches. I was stoked!!!!!!!

Then I remembered that all the car seat stuff was in the wash and had to be air dried.

Then I got incredibly sad.

Then he offered to go get ice cream from Target and it was a buy one get one free and all was well.

Sunday dawned with a Screaming Bloody Murder baby at 4:30am – complete with soaked diaper and nightgown. Fun times. I finally got her back to sleep at 5am and took a few more hours for myself. Finally I got up in time to make the best new Father a delicious and nutritious breakfast in bed before heading out to church.

We lunched with our friends. As we are the first ones of our friends to have kids, they didn’t really know that was happening….got a few congrats here and there but it was sort of odd. No one at church said anything really and the guys didn’t get any special recognition. Mother’s day we always get roses, but what about the guys?

Anywho we took off for downtown after a fantastic lunch and got ready for our boat tour of the city. I had purchased these Groupon’s for us in an effort to give Naph 12 different Groupons at Christmas this year so we would have a date for each month next year.

Except that they all expire before November.

So failed Christmas gift turned into “slightly intentional Father’s day gift!”

It was an awesome time, we even got free drinks! He held her the entire time and we learned so much more about this awesome city that we live in.

We got home in time to call our own awesome father’s and wish them a happy day and then we headed off for a fun bbq with friends for the night. I dressed down…way down in to sweats and a ghetto shirt. I love having friends that don’t care what I look like.

And all day, all the live long day, Amelie was amazing. She only flipped out once when she was ready to eat but we were in the confines of our own home so no biggy!

I capped off the evening with some major OCD behavior. It was 12 am. I had two choices. Going to bed or cataloging and cronolizing all my magazines. What do you think I did?

Those three on the bottom there? Those are the most recent three editions I haven’t had the pleasure of reading yet. Woe is me. Some day!


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