Instagraming Our Lives

As we now have a new thing…rather a new person…to photograph every second of the day, Instagram and our iPhones are becoming better than our professional camera.

So in honor of Amelie’s third week of life tomorrow, I figured I’d show you some pics of her via Instagram and some editing work by my hubs.

Right. So you’re saying, “Where is Amelie in this?” Um. She’s in my belly. 7 weeks old. An amazing friend, Phil, took this picture and my hubs edited it.

All time favorite. Thumbs up. I had been thinking about this shot all through out pregnancy. When my parents were here last week they helped prop her up on the guitar and I got to shooting. Naph did the editing on this sucker which was nice because I’m just dead on my feet most days. I’ll try my hand at them in a bit and give you a different look perhaps. There is another one that has to do with a fedora…it’s adorable. Will be posting soon.

When she was 13 days old I had enough of being inside. We had only been out for her 4 day appointment and I was feeling cramped up, especially because it was a gorgeous 80 degrees outside. We were going to go for a stroll to the nearest Starbucks, about 4 blocks away. But by the time all was said and done, we had agreed on going to Navy Pier. So we all dressed in green and headed over to the water. She did so well! Slept most of the time and wasn’t a bother the other times. There were thousands of people there and she got her fair share of compliments. It was wonderful.

And this isn’t an Instagram but a Photo Booth pic but I loved it. I just decided to take a pic of us through the camera on the computer and didn’t realize I had selected for it to take four pics in a row. This is what I got…a real smile! It stuck that way for ten seconds…I think she was in shock. It was fantastic. A wonderful new memory.

I love being a Momma to this little girl.


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