Road Trip!

It’s so wonderful not having a work schedule to deal with! Hubs had a show last weekend in Iowa and after some last minute mess-ups, Amelie and I decided to be his ride. Which meant that she went on her first ever road trip, and went to another state for the first time as well. It was a perfect little trip because it was only three hours to get to our destination and she was just shy of being perfect. We had a moment or two of freak out, but it was overcome quickly.

Because I brought along my pump and pumped in the car.

There used to be a time when Naph and I would road trip to his shows and talk, listen to music, make out (ain’t lying!). This time, I whip up my shirt, strap on the pump, blug in the machine to the charge and have at it. Not so romantic anymore. But babies are happy and that is our new desire.

Obviously our first stop was Starbucks. I may not work there anymore but it’s the best coffee around,and it’s reliable. And it’s so expensive! Did you know that? I haven’t had to pay for coffee in almost two years. Yikes. Now I understand all the hubub.

He also sang one of my favorite songs called “Little Hand.” He wrote it before we got pregnant but it’s message and desires were made perfect through our little gift and they helped as I was dealing with the hardest emotional parts of my pregnancy.

I cried when he sang it. Such a little blessing.

And yes, that is them playing on a flatbed. It reminds me of one of their first ever shows in a small town in Illinois.

The whole trip was 90% successful.

The Motel 8 we stayed it was 100% disgusting and unsuccessful. Right down to the horrible and ornery manager who decided reciting my credit card number and expiration date for all to hear was acceptable. Unfortunately my crying baby was more important at the time…he didn’t think so.

This was a fantastic first.


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