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It’s Been A Doozy

Friday, September 21st, 2012

And by doozy I mean absolutely the roughest and toughest couple weeks ever.

Last time I wrote we were just getting over Hand Foot Mouth Disease. At that time you may recall that I was also debating on whether we could be going to Delaware to be with family since Naph’s sweet Grandmother passed away. Well we did wind up going. That was such a special time to be with family. There were several relatives I hadn’t met yet so it felt like a reunion with lots of “getting to know you” talk.

Amelie was generally pretty great and didn’t loose too much sleep. We’re at a stage right now where she is super picky about where she sleeps. She can nap anywhere but she can’t quite get a good full rejuvenating nap and then her night is shot. I think the doozy started when our outgoing flight back to Chicago departed at 6am…which meant we were up at 3:30am. Amelie was up from 3:30am until about 10am. It was rough. Upon our return she got super, and I mean super, constipated. I realize this is a lot of information but it’s part of the story and I’ve never shied away from gross topics. Poor baby. Now that she is eating solids I can always tell when she’s trying to pooh. She get’s real quite and her face gets all serious and red. Then her little body moves and shakes. So she was doing that for several days. Then it finally got to be too much.

So on Monday I decided I’d start her on a new food and make it a fruit to help her along her digestive way. That morning she had been so frustrated that while I held her in my arms so she could relax and try again at going to the bathroom, she just started to cry. And it was a slobbery, frustrated, painful cry. My poor baby. I massaged her belly, I moved her legs like she was on a bicycle. I did everything I could read about or think of doing. And it didn’t help. I got her ready to eat her food and started in on the nice delicious mango. Now many sources, including my primary source for baby food recipes, Wholesome Baby Food, all have Mango on the first foods list for 6-8 months. And she loved it. Absolutely devoured about 3 oz of it. She was pretty plumb tired after that so I put her in bed and prayed that she’d get out a little constipation and that the Mango would do it’s fruity duty by her.

She wimpered a little here and there through out her nap which is pretty normal especially since she was having such bowel problems. So I didn’t think anything of it. But when she finally woke up for good I walked into her room and was greeted by the stench of vomit. Poor girl had thrown up all over herself, her bed, her blanket and her crib. She was absolutely covered and miserable. SO I gave her a quick bath and then took her to the couch where she just cuddled on me like a sack of potatoes and rested. She puked a little more which was probably the hardest thing I’ve had to see her body go through to date. Just that small 13 pound baby heaving and suffering and her whole body contorting. Not easy folks, not easy.

Lucky, or unlucky, lady that she is we also had her 6 month appointment that day. So after an hour or so of cuddling I got her ready and off to the doctor we went. After waiting for about 30 minutes we finally were seen. The doctor took all her measurements, temperature and weight. She’s lost a pound since her 4 month appointment, she’s grown an inch and her temp was super high. But the doctor said all was normal for what had been going on in her little body the past couple days. Unfortunately, the little girl was due for 3 shots and an oral vaccine. This is the second time she’s had shots. We’re a set behind, which I’m completely ok with. And it’s no fun having to hold my little baby down. Especially after all that her little body had been through that day. She was so angry with me!

We got home, took a chill pill for the rest of the night and got her to bed a little early. Either this night, or the night before is when she really started getting up twice a night consistently. Which I guess makes sense if she wasn’t eating as much as she’d gotten herself up to. But having gotten used to a full night sleep and then only getting a few hours each nice has not been easy on me. Luckily it elongates her naps in the afternoon so she gets her full rest. I’d normally try and change her back but I think she really does need to rest up right now. Her poor body.

Tuesday she woke up with an even higher fever due to all the shots and then she was drooling even more wich has lead me to believe that she is teething again. She again was super fussy and like jello all day. Wednesday started off with an early morning wake up call and then shortly after a hard fall from the bed. Yet another Mother of the Year award to add to my resume. The rest of the day she was still grumpy though a smidgen better than the day before.

Yesterday was when she really came back. She was much smilier and even laughed a little. She actually had a bit of an appetite too. She ate her applesauce, though not tons of it like she had of her previous food, the Sweet Pea. But unfortunately we all let the excitement overcome us. For dinner she had three little servings of applesauce and two of rice cereal. She just kept eating and eating and eating.

At 10:30 last night she woke up crying pretty badly yet again. She’d been doing this the past couple nights but this time…vomit…again…everywhere. I guess there is a stopping point to baby’s tummy though I had heard that they don’t eat too much and know when to stop. Apparently not Amelie. So back to the bath she went, and I rocked her to sleep with a little breastmilk. She slept until 3:30am and then finally woke up for good at 7am.

We’re a bit over halfway through her second real nap today and I’m confident that tomorrow she’ll be a gem again. Though I have to say, these crappy days all piling on top of each other makes me very nervous. I can’t decide if my feeling bad is due to the past week, or because I should be more worried and take her back to the doctor. I realize worry and analyzing are some of my greatest weaknesses and being a mom only magnifies them. But if you are the praying type, keep this novice Momma in your prayers because each day is an adventure and right now I think we’re in the more gloom and doom chapters treading our way trying to find a little silver lining.

It’s timely that I’ve been doing a Bible study on trust, the Holy Spirit, and the Joy of the Lord. Perfect timing Lord, perfect timing.


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First Father’s Day Ever = Obviously Some Ridiculous Memories Made

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Quite obviously this was my sweet Hubz first ever Father’s Day. So we decided to sort of make it a whole weekend affair. He works so hard for us and has been incredibly overwhelmed these past few weeks getting his gigs for the summer lined up while also working full time and hiring on some new designers. Not to mention our big move and all that that requires for such a creative guy like him. We don’t just move into a place and throw things up on the walls. No, no. We think strategically through everything, make sure it’ll really look good in that particular new home and then make the commitment of screwing in or hammering a nail. This is why our house looks nice, not me but him.

So we decided to start off the weekend by a Beach Trip. It would be the first, laying out on the beach, beach day that Amelie has had. Well, she didn’t lie out per say but you get my meaning. Anyways it was a total fail. And a fantastic memory.

We happened to choose the windiest day in the mid west. That isn’t fact, but it’s how it felt. We brought a big white sheet, snacks, magazines, an umbrella for baby and her stroller and car seat.

Hint: On a super windy day, on a beach with legit sand, don’t ever, ever, ever, EVER, take your child’s car seat.

By the time we arrived at our staked out spot Amelie already had sand in her eyes, up her nose, in the deep folds of the car seat and her fingers. And all this from us “protecting her.” That sand just wanted to take her hostage and nothing we could do would stop it. I had also not yet put sunscreen on her.

Hint: When taking a new baby to the beach try putting the sunscreen on her cute little body before you even leave the parking lot. Better yet, before you even leave the house. Then you won’t have a mountain of sand to dig your daughter out of before applying said protection.

So I got the sunscreen on her finally. Along with exfoliating her skin with thousands of pieces of sand. Then she got antsy. And the 73 degree, cloudy day, turned into a 90 degree super sunny day. So I went and took a dip to get all my sand off while her sweet pops held her, came back and we ditched that Popsicle stand.

We lasted an hour.

I didn’t crack a single magazine. And I had two chosen to read that are already several months old. Sad face.

(the single picture I got at the beach before giving up)

So we went home, baby and I took our first ever shower together. She wasn’t quite sure what to do with water spraying right on her but it was cute. Then we just chilled out. She was so plum tuckered that she slept for a good three hours. Naph and I watched a couple episodes of Arrested Development and fell asleep. We were going to meet up with some friends at a food festival downtown but they were going to late and Amelie already had enough excitement that being out way past her normal bedtime wouldn’t have been a great idea.

I decided to clean up a bit, feel a bit more normal, so I grabbed her car seat to clean out all the sand and was blown away by the entire beach worth of sand I brought back in her car seat. So I took everything outside onto our porch and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. I also found some leftover food from the previous owner of this car seat hidden all the way under the cushions. So I stripped the whole gizmo and threw all the fabric in the washer.

Then Hubs said since we weren’t going out maybe we could just do our own delicious dinner and then hit up Whole Foods for some of their amazing Tres Leches. I was stoked!!!!!!!

Then I remembered that all the car seat stuff was in the wash and had to be air dried.

Then I got incredibly sad.

Then he offered to go get ice cream from Target and it was a buy one get one free and all was well.

Sunday dawned with a Screaming Bloody Murder baby at 4:30am – complete with soaked diaper and nightgown. Fun times. I finally got her back to sleep at 5am and took a few more hours for myself. Finally I got up in time to make the best new Father a delicious and nutritious breakfast in bed before heading out to church.

We lunched with our friends. As we are the first ones of our friends to have kids, they didn’t really know that was happening….got a few congrats here and there but it was sort of odd. No one at church said anything really and the guys didn’t get any special recognition. Mother’s day we always get roses, but what about the guys?

Anywho we took off for downtown after a fantastic lunch and got ready for our boat tour of the city. I had purchased these Groupon’s for us in an effort to give Naph 12 different Groupons at Christmas this year so we would have a date for each month next year.

Except that they all expire before November.

So failed Christmas gift turned into “slightly intentional Father’s day gift!”

It was an awesome time, we even got free drinks! He held her the entire time and we learned so much more about this awesome city that we live in.

We got home in time to call our own awesome father’s and wish them a happy day and then we headed off for a fun bbq with friends for the night. I dressed down…way down in to sweats and a ghetto shirt. I love having friends that don’t care what I look like.

And all day, all the live long day, Amelie was amazing. She only flipped out once when she was ready to eat but we were in the confines of our own home so no biggy!

I capped off the evening with some major OCD behavior. It was 12 am. I had two choices. Going to bed or cataloging and cronolizing all my magazines. What do you think I did?

Those three on the bottom there? Those are the most recent three editions I haven’t had the pleasure of reading yet. Woe is me. Some day!


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Mother’s Day

Monday, June 4th, 2012

I had a phenomenal Mother’s Day. Perhaps that’s why I didn’t write.

But I wanted to show you some pics from my wonderful day. Naph and Amelie made me breakfast. Well…actually Naph made me breakfast. Amelie cuddled with me in bed. But I understood the sentiment.

I had just started up Weight Watchers again and my sweet husband took that into account. SO delicious!

Then we went to church and I got a rose! I also got flowers from my sweet big brother and his wife. All the way from California!

Confession: I have begun to buy a specific pasta sauce because it comes in these awesome jars. It also tastes good, but really it’s just for the jars. Is that weird?

Anywhoo. Hubs wanted to know what I wanted for Mother’s Day and since we’re pinching pennies these days I could really only think of one thing that fit perfectly into the no cost, great memory category. Pics with my little lady.

The last time we had pics together was right after she was born and I was 20 lbs heavier. So I want to catalog the moments of me getting smaller and her getting bigger. Our friends told us of this awesome park close to church called Oz Park. And as you can probably guess it’s Wizard of Oz inspired. There are awesome statues of all the characters.

This park has the typical softball field and play ground area but then it has a gated slightly hilly part to it where people were laying out. It was decorated with all sorts of flours and greenery and was perfect for some picture takin’. It’s blurry but it captures the essence and that’s what I’m all about. See, not all my pics have to be perfect :-)

I think this was one of the first outings we’ve been on where other kids love coming up and meeting Amelie and trying to play with her. A little boy came up an took our softball and kept throwing it and then talking about the “Baaaaybeeee!”

I have officially joined a new group – the Sorry My Child Just Made Us Talk To Each Other About Children Even Though I’d Probably Never Say Hello To You If You Didn’t Have A Kid With You group.

Anywho. Here are my most favoritest and the rest are on my flickr as always.

Thank you my sweet darling husband for taking pictures of me all day and making me feel like a million bucks. It truly is a blessing to be a Momma!

Baaaah! It was such a fantastic day. This was also right when she started really smiling back when we interacted. It’s also about the time when she started coming out of her shell and talking a bit. This month of May has been a lot about growing and “waking up.” I could go into a One Republic song right now but I’ll just let you guess that one out and not be one of those people who quotes songs all the time(….don’t read my other blogs.)

Ok, off to have some food and watch Two Fat Ladies on Cook Tv. Seriously. That’s what it’s called. Look it up for a good laugh.


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