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Big Sister’s.

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

I have the coolest big sister.

She has introduced me to style, culture, music, social cues, jokes, motherhood and food.

This past trip to Maine I got to spend 5 unrequited days with her and my handsome 2o month old nephew due to a fluke in our planning which over lapped my parents 5 day vacation.

We both realized how hard it must be to be a parent of more than one child. And we were two moms. So seriously, kudos to all you Momma’s who have many children.

Lucky for me that I have a big sister to try things out first so that I can decide if I want to commit or not. Like the orange nail polish on my toes. I’ve always wanted to try it but never wanted to commit to the purchase of a bottle just in case it looked awful. It just so happens my sweet sister had some and I used it. Twice. And I love it. So now I will go and purchase it.

Once, when I was in fifth grade, my sister came home to visit (she was in a boarding school for High School) and caught a glimps of a fantastic outfit I had. And by fantastic I mean a great pair of jeans that fit higher then my belly button and a terribly matched shirt. I think I had super bulky gross Sketchers on too that I thought were amazing.

When I was in eight grade she walked in on me playing Barbies and asked if I really was still in to that. Before you think she’s too harsh, I really needed the wake up call. Seriously.

When my water broke she was the first person I called because she obviously had recently had a cute little kiddo and would have the most up to date information.

So while in Maine, my sweet sister introduced me to her favorite new toy. An ice cream maker. But she used it for Fro-Yo and PiƱa Colada’s and amazing other treats. And I really wanted to purchase one but had other things that were more important. But then! Then I walked in to Costco today and realized that they have the SAME EXACT Ice Cream maker but for half the price for the next couple weeks.

I bought one.

The bowl is chilling in my freezer right now and I can’t wait to start using it. I’m so excited.

So the moral of the story is that Big Sister’s are very important for every part of life especially when it comes to food.

If you don’t have a big sister you need to find someone who can be that for you because it is a very special relationship.

Ahh…*Sigh of Contentment*


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Maine, A home visit with Lobster

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

I went home in October and got to have a delicious lobster roll.

But there is nothing that can compare with taking live lobster, cooking them and then dissecting and sucking the meat out of them. I know that sounds disgusting, but for a true Mainer it sounds blissful. So when we went up to Maine for Christmas, we devoured.

And it was amazing.

My sister-in-law’s dad is a lobsterman. So she was able to rummage up 12 lobster. Then her sister-in-law gave her 20 pounds of clams.

So we decided to make a paella, lobster and clams…obviously.

We cooked a couple lobster first to add the meat to the paella. Same with the clams.

We couldn’t find one specific recipe that had both clams and lobster in it so we combined the basics, added our own mix and created a miracle.

Then while the paella was finishing up we continued to cook the lobster and clams. It doesn’t take very long.

Finally. It was time to eat!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it just me or does this look delicious?

Notice that everyone got wine….everyone but me :-(

I just got a cup of butter and boiled clam juice.

I didn’t drink them!


They are for dipping. The Clam juice helps get the little gross grit out of the clam after you’ve pealed it and the butter is for succulent dipping and savoring.

Look at that paella!!!!!!!

So good.

My big bro also brought along a TON of beer for a little tasting with everyone….except for me. Which was actually ok because beer is disgusting. Really quite gross.

Then my sweet mommy made my most favorite dessert ever. I’ve been craving it for so long and always forget to ask my mom for the recipe. But this time I didn’t forget.

I started cutting off little one in pieces before anyone could notice…then my mom and sister saw and it turned into the whole first row disappearing and the lemon sauce having some little brown floaties in it. It was worth it.

It was a delicious and delectable way to spend one of the last nights of non-mommyhood with my family in Maine. We were so blessed and enjoyed so fully this wonderful part of my life. I’m sorry to make you slobber. But that too is part of life.

The best part of the whole evening, having all us kids together under one roof with our grandparents for the first time in over three years!

Even though I look like a cow…I was a very satisfied cow. With a very satisfied calf inside of me.

Forgive the yellowness of these pictures. I’m getting too lazy these days to go all super post edit. I promise to be better. Plus I have a new camera and it’s marvelous! This will make my post editing life so much easier.

5 weeks away from meeting our little girl!


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Baby Shower! Put A Bird On It!

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

I had my first ever Baby Shower this past weekend, organized by my gorgeous sister. She did all the decorations and made the most delicious food. Over 40 women showed up, all from my parents’ church. It was such a great time of seeing old friends and make new ones. Many of the women who came have known me since I was 4 months old. What perspective! All these women were also at my bridal shower almost 4 years ago and have become real team players and women of influence in our marriage.

My sister’s decorations were exquisite. We are seriously trying to get her into opening an Etsy business. She made me this mobile from scratch!

These were all attached to a spray painted branch. Gorgeous.

She looked up what other people had done and improvised. I have to say that I love it so much more than any I’ve seen online. She really knows my taste. And she had the color scheme down to a tee. I may have mentioned it here….and as you’ll read it’s completely opposite of what I actually wanted. She knew that and she made such gorgeous decorations. Let me send you on a picture tour of the gorgeous house and my sister’s talent in crafts and food:

This was a little dress that some close friends from Ecuador sent up for our little girl. I love it! I can’t decide if I want to put it in a shadow box or let her wear it.

On top of that, we did all the presents and laughed through all the cute adorable girlie things. If I wasn’t excited about having a little lady before, I am so pumped now. Girl clothes and toys are SO great. I would love to take pics of all the cute stuff I got and show you one by one, but that would be more for me than for you and could get really boring.

So here are just a couple pics of the socialization at the shower.

This is my Mom, my sister (The Decorator), My Nan and My Aunt Cindy. My favorite ladies!

All in all it was a most wonderful event. I got so many beautiful things and my little girl’s closet is very very well equipt.

My favorite part of the day was thanking all these ladies for going to my bridal shower three-ish years ago and giving me negligees. They worked. Here I am bringing in a little kiddo into the world.


PS. Let me leave you with this video because it has become the theme of our house.

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