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Week 38 and 1/2. AKA When My Feet Grew 3 Sizes

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

We are almost there.

We are at least 1cm dilated.

We are waiting anxiously!

But we are also super patient.

I know that sounds like an oxymoron but the truth is, I can’t wait to meet her though knowing that her life will change ours, I’m willing to wait. Even beyond these terribly swollen feet, enormous weight gain and extreme exhaustion.

Please pretend you don’t see the terrible nail polish and gross cuticles. I’m getting a pedicure next week.

I got a good breakfast today. I got bacon on my way home from dropping hubby off for work. I figured we only have however long she wants to take so I’m going to finally get some bacon in me. I’ve missed it so very very much. Plus Starbucks has the Casi Cielo coffee right now and it’s my favorite. You should go get some right now.

So my body is so swollen it makes me wonder how we’re going to get thru this natural birth thing. Most of the squats and positions cut off circulation and make me numb very easily. I know I can do this, I know it’s possible. I just am a little more anxious about the amount of intense labor that I’m going to be feeling and wether my body can handle it. Though this is what women have been doing forever right? Yikes.

In other news I only have three full days of work left and I actually have zero motivation to go to any of them. I’ve had the past three days off and it’s been marvelous. I’ve been able to get stuff done, and I’ve been able to just chillax and watch TV, clean, organize, and re-organize over and over again. I actually feel ready for her to come where a few weeks ago I was flipping out that we weren’t ready.

Next week, when I actually start my leave I’m going to do this little project…Lord willing. She recently re-did the frozen meal plan and posted it here. I’m going to try both I think.  It seems like it could be a lot of work but if I pace myself I’m sure I can get it done. Plus Naph’s mom is coming on the 6th, our little girl’s due date, and my mommy & daddy are coming on the 13th so they can help finish it up. I’m stoked about it. Having over 10-12 meals already ready to go and simply cook makes me smile a bit. Takes a lot stress off.

I recently finished up some pictures of my trip to Maine in October. For some reason I had them all color corrected but not actually finalized and now that I’ve had three days off I was able to work on it. So wonderful.

I ALSO have a picture of the gorgeous new baby bag I just got off Ebay. I’m so excited. I love it. So many pockets, waterproof, pink and gray, birds…love. Plus the front pocket comes off so I can throw it in a different bag just grab it for a quick walk out instead of taking the whole bag. Though Hubby’s first reaction was that he wished I had purchased something more manly. OH well.

I made a pear cobbler the other day but didn’t get any pics of it in it’s final stage. It was too delicious.

The ingredients.

All that sugar. Lots and lots of sugar.

Anywho. That is the update as of late. 39 weeks hits on Tuesday and I’ll let you know if there is still a kiddo in here. :-)


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Pancake Saturday!

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Or any other day you have off that you get to sleep in.

We started this tradition long ago before Hubs and I were married. I would go over to his house filled with 5 hungry boys and make them all these thick delicious pancakes with bacon and coffee. The tradition still lives on but now we do it sporadically through out the week because I’m generally work on Saturday mornings…and I only feed him, not 5 hungry boys.

And don’t tell the pancakes this, but this morning we had french toast. I’m a cheater, I know.


So here’s what you need (because obviously this is a complicated thing to have and you need directions):

Looks pretty straight forward right?

Oh well…other than the medicine. In my hubbies name. That I took. Because I was sick too and it’s not so fair that he’s the only one who gets antibiotics. I told him sharing was caring. He couldn’t disagree.

Also, I don’t add the coffee into the pancakes.

I just start with a cup so that I can be fully attentive to that gorgeous bacon and all those delicious chocolate chips.

Giradelli makes my life happier when their chocolate chips are on sale because they are the most delicious of all the chocolate chips in the land.

And all the chips in the land for that matter.

So, incase you can’t read the directions on your bisquick box, this is whatcha do.

Take 2 cups of the mix and put it in a bowl.

Add 1 cup of milk

Add 2 eggs

Once it’s fully incorporated plop them onto your nice hot griddle. If you like thinner pancakes just add some more leche (that’s milk). It’ll thin it out and you’ll be happy. We like them on the thicker side so we only used the cup of milk.

I had my electric griddle at 250 and it was the perfect temp for me to get the pancakes done at the same time as the bacon and some coffee, if you need a second cup…or third.

Speaking of Coffee, I got some of the new Tribute Blend from Starbucks for my mark-out and I was really impressed with how rich it tastes in the french press. Still not my favorite, but definitely up there on the top five with my darling Casi Cielo leading the list.

Anyways, back to the pancakes.

I forgot to take a picture of them before I flipped the but all you have to know is when they start bubbling, and by bubbling I mean that there are bubbles all upon that cake, then you give it the ol’ fliperoo.

This is what they’ll look like.

They are gorgeous.


For the ones with chocolate chips I just plop the chips onto the disc after it’s been placed on the griddle but not too late so that they still seep into the mixture.

so while these little suckers are cooking away you should stick your delicious bacon onto a fry pan.

I like to cook them long because I like my bacon crispy. I don’t do gooey bacon…I find it gross.

See? Perfect!

Mmm Mmm good.

Then I chopped up a delicious mango and had it on the side so that we felt like we were eating some healthy with all the carbs and sugars :-)

The only thing that would be better is some real maple syrup from Maine but alas, I don’t have that so I suffer through my generic store bought version that still tastes so good in my belly.

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The Best Molasses Cookies In The Whole World

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

This is the whole world.

And inside this world are lots of bakers and cooks, bloggers and writers, economists and Fascists.

And also inside this world is the recipe for the best dagum Molasses Cookies you’ll ever have in all your whole entire life. (I’m sure that sentence just makes the english teacher flintch but it’s the only way to express my feelings about these cookies.)

And do you know who has this recipe? Well…other than my mom, and my sister, and the recipe box my mom has this recipe in, I DO! Muahahahahaha

But I will share it with you because that is how I am. You can thank me later with a Kitchen Aid Mixer (I’m between the Pearl Metallic and Caviar colors. I mean in my dreams because it’ll be a long time ’til I can afford this baby.)

So let’s start cooking…with or with out your awesome Kitchen Aid Mixer.

First off let me say that I took a bagazillion pics of these ingredients and I still failed to get a good one so you’ll just have to imagine the ingredients with me mmk? Or if you must, go to this page to get the full recipe.

So first you’ll need to cream together your shortening, butter and brown sugar. (Oh by the way, these are super healthy…if eating lard is healthy…)

Then you’ll add a beaten egg, molasses and milk, coffee or water….I used milk because I love lactose.

Then siftaroo your little flour, salt, ginger, cinnamon and baking soda together forever.

Take yur dartootin sifted ingredients and mixed them with your gloopy and gloppy wet ingredients and “smash them with a hamma!” (name that movie!)

No really you should just mix them with an awesome Kitchen Aid Mixer or your lame-o hand mixer like I have.

So here is where things are different between me and the actual written down recpie I have. It says to just drop them by spoonfuls on a baking sheet but I think this isn’t creative enough and just plain wrong.

So I take the delicious dough and plop a bit into my mouth. The next part needs strength and molasses is to me like spinach is to Popeye.

I toss some flour onto the counter and then throw the dough right on top of it to roll it out.

I roll it till it’s about 2cm thick. Then, because I don’t have cookie cutters, I use a glass to cut out some circles.

Do this several times until you are all out of dough and have just enough to plop the last one, hand shaped, on the baking sheet.

Then just bake them at 375 for diez minutos or a little longer if you like them crispier…which I do. So I left them in for 12. Rebel I know.

They are delicious and not nutritious but the best dunked in a little milk, or melk…however you say it.

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