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Change, it is a-comin’! And so are seizures….

Friday, March 25th, 2011

This week has been mad crazy. A little more than usual I would say.

The last time I wrote I was pulling an all-nighter. I have Bible study Wednesday nights. It’s something new I’ve only been doing for a couple months but I’m loving it. We are starting to get to know people in our church a lot better every week, which is a really big deal for me. So that night I had the chance to stick around and get to know one of the other girl’s and I decided to do that over going to bed. I had a ton of energy anyways. So I stayed up and wrote the latest post on the love story, Borderless Love, I’ve been writing.

I left the house at my usual 3:10am and headed off to work. I crashed around 11:30am and still had an hour of work. It was quite the day. Then last weekend some friends were in town which I was expecting this weekend but had my dates all mixed up! So I hung out with them on Sunday instead of getting a whole three days but I was satisfied to even hang a little.

Sunday a good friend of ours from college moved in with us. Only for a couple weeks mind you. He had been living with someone else but that time came to a close and he still found himself in transition between his last job, and his new training starting in a couple weeks.

On top of that my hubs has been designing his new website for his new company, which has nothing to do with me, but it is part of all the change in our lives right now.

Yesterday was probably the pinnacle moment in the change chain for me. A great influence on my time at Starbucks put in their two weeks and it has just rocked my world. I’m so excited for their new change of scenery, their chance to spend time with their family and feeling like they are doing the right thing, but I sure will miss them! They were also a very influential person in my transition up to my own store in about a month so I was a little timid about that as well.

Come to find out that won’t change at all, my promotion is still on target so I’ll be getting my own location in May.

And finally…after today…I feel prepared.

Today a customer had a seizure right in front of me, during one of our busiest times of day. He is a regular from the 1/2 way home across the street and he always comes in for a cup of ice water and a coffee. He’s soft spoken and very shy so I thought he was just being non verbal, but actual he was just completely unresponsive. He began shifting from one leg to the other, and finally toppled over onto the floor. Luckily a burly customer standing next to him helped him out, and we had a medic in the store who has become a regular since moving from NY. Then we had the two regulars who went and got the guy’s nurse from the home and I quickly called 911.

We had a whole fire department, ambulance and drama scene but unfortunately it didn’t make the morning go any faster.

I think my most memorable time from the whole experience was when the head fire fighter asked if there’d be anyway I could give him a cup of coffee…

I said, “Well, you’re obviously working hard saving a life so why not have some coffee to go along with that IV you’reĀ inserting.” He laughed.

I figure once you have to file an incident report, call 911 and calm your team down after a crazy situation like that, you’re allowed to feel like you’re ready for your own place now.

In other news, I know you haven’t seen many pictures lately and that is really the only reason you come and check this page out, so here are a couple of my new favs of my fav man.


all time new fav…. I don’t know why. I just know that I captured a genuine husband moment when he’s thinking “this woman needs to leave the camera behind more often, it’s cold, I’m tired, let’s move, woman!”

And to that I say…

“You’re too sexy for your hair, too sexy for your hair, too sexy for your hair. You’re too sexy for this city, too sexy for this city, too sexy for this city, too sexy!”

And to that song he said…

well…he didn’t say anything. He just left. But only for 10 steps.

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