The New Camera

Well it’s not brand new. But it’s new to me.

In fact, it’s actually not technically mine yet. I’m borrowing it from a barista at my store who happens to be a major photography¬†aficionado¬†and is going to school for it. He claims to have over 15 cameras and prefers to shoot with film rather than digitally. He is also looking at selling his current DSLR along with a great lenses and isn’t asking very much for it. This could be because he seems rather desperate for money…or because he’s just kind hearted. Whatever the case, I’m profiting from it and I’m happy.

He is letting me use this camera for a photoshoot I have tomorrow with a very pregnant sister of a friend of mine and her hubby. They are expecting twins in the next couple months…I think sometime right before or after me, but you know-twins change things.

So I’ve been taking some test shots around the house to just make sure I have this little sucker down. It is SO much different than my current camera. I own a Canon 20DSLR which is a good mid-range camera. It came out in 2004 and has a pretty low ISO compared to this new baby. But it’s treated me well and I’ve gotten incredibly used to the quality and size of the pictures, not to mention the ease of editing them since I prefer RAW images.

This “new” camera is the 50DSLR Canon which came out in 2008, so a good 4 years of improvements on this new contraption. My favorite of which was the viewing screen. The 20D has a 1″ viewing screen, this one is 3 inches. That’s wonderful for me because I wear glasses and have to squint all the time as it is. It also has so many conveniences that I can’t even begin to explain and, frankly, if you don’t do photography you don’t really care. But the biggest is that there is a quick button for certain lighting systems, and you can make your own complete settings on the dial. Plus the ISO goes ridiculously high, meaning I can shoot in low light which will be great for tomorrow since the shoot is outside, after 4pm. It’s winter time people…dark every where you go all the time!

So here are just a couple shots from my very first uses. They are all SOOC so don’t judge.

SOOC means Straight Out Of Camera, Mandi, so they haven’t been manipulated at all.

One of my first pics with low lighting trying to get my Christmas ornament. Looks awesome in my failed attempt.

After several attempts this is what I got.

Here is another ornament of ours that I love.

Then I realized that the lenses he lent me also has a great macro setting. So I went right after the Basil. I. AM. SO. EXCITED. This stuff is incredible.

I’ll show you what this looks like after a really quick boost.

Much better.

Anyways. We agreed that for Christmas and for my career as a photographer we would purchase this camera and lenses from this guy by the end of January and he isn’t in any rush to get it back since he barely uses it as it is…so I’m told. Hubs got a wall mount for his TV and I got a camera. We just aren’t wrapping them and putting them under the tree which I’m a-0k with.

Ok. TIme for food. We’re starving.


PS. I’ve already done another recipe photo shoot so I’ll be posting that recipe and subsequent pictures very soon. Very delicious and not at all nutritious. Perfect for Christmastime.

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