I’ve been MIA for a week now because I’ve been getting the new place all set up. But I do have some updates so I’ll just give you a little picture and caption to give you a bit of a timeline.

Big post coming-just still editing the pics.

#1. Amelie Turns 2 months. I finally got down to editing her 2 month old pics and had just gotten Lightroom 4 from the hubs. Awesomeness ensues.

#2. She quickly was over the photoshoot.

#3. On my way home May 1st, there was a huge demonstration. Later, when I went on a walk, I saw this awesome poster and all was cleared up.

#4. I had my first ever Mother’s Day, complete with Breakfast in bed!

#5. And Flowers from my sweet brother and Sister-in-law!

#6. Amelie and I enjoyed some rest from the crazy packing.

#7. I had a super fun photoshoot. This was the awesome bathroom.

#8. A recordable smile finally happened….at 5:30am.

#9. We skyped with sweet Uncle Caleb. Tons of fun.

#10. Today we went to the mall for lunch to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary and little girl was asleep in the car seat. Her headband had fallen and I turned around to see this:

Oh goodness. 95% of this album is Amelie.

Well, I won’t apologize!

Tomorrow Hubs and I are having Sushi and going to a movie at this really awesome theatre here in our new neighborhood all with groupons we bought a while ago. Free date! Wohoo!

Anyways, off to the midnight feeding I’m trying to implement in our household. It’s been giving me at least 6 hours of straight sleep! My child is a super star.


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